Training is conducted by the Director of the Altar Servers. There are normally three altar server positions during the celebration of a Mass and the training is performed by position. A new server candidate is trained in one of the three positions and after successfully mastering that position, the server is then trained in the next position and then later in the final third position. This training process allows a new server to quickly be ready to serve focusing on one position and then later grow into the other positions. 

The training usually consists of the following:

    - A candidate is given the diocese “Called to Serve Guidebook for Altar Servers” and reads it at  their leisure before the first training session is scheduled.

    - The trainer meets with the candidate(s) at the church for a two hour orientation. There is a  general review of the “Call to Serve Guidebook” and then a walkthrough of the entire church with viewing all of the various areas within it. All of the items that are used in a Mass or other service which are in the altar server guidebook are viewed during the walkthrough. The candidate learns the location of these items, their purpose and where they are placed.

    - The next training session is two hours or slightly longer if needed. A candidate, plus one or more experienced servers, suits up wearing the normal altar server apparel for a Mass (Alb, cincture and neck cross). The trainer provides written instructions for the duties to be performed by the altar servers by position and after a review, a full dress rehearsal takes place as if a Mass was being performed.

    - After this dress rehearsal training session the candidate should be able to start to serve a Mass within a week while the training is still fresh in their mind.

    - The Altar Server Director will almost always serve Mass with a new candidate as a 4th server to help guide the candidate through the process.

    - There will always be an experienced Lead Server with a new server until they successfully master all three of the altar server positions.