Second Collections                       

First Weekend--Charity: This collections supports the needy in the mountain community.

Fourth Weekend-
-Maintenance: This collections is used for upkeep and maintenance of the churches in your parish.

Ways to Financially Support Your Parish

Please make all checks payable to Our Lady of the Sierra Parish unless otherwise instructed. Use the Memo line to tell us your parish member/envelope number or what your check is to be used for.

Internet Banking:  Many banks allow you to make one-time or multiple payments online. Use your bank’s web site and follow their instructions. Remember, your payment should tell us what it is for: Sunday Offering, Parish Improvement Fund, etc. Please use your parish member /envelope number as an account number.

Church Envelopes:   Envelopes give you a way to regularly contribute to several causes in addition to Sunday Offering.

Collection Plate:  We gladly accept cash donations, however, if you want us to record your contribution and include it on your end-of-year statement for income tax purposes, we can only do so if you use envelopes or contribute by check. 

Gifting of Stock:  Request instructions for gifting of stock HERE

Credit Cards:  We are set up to accept credit card payments for donations through PayPal.